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Terminator Goalie Mask

Project type

Airbrushing a Goalie Mask


Mar 2022



Back in the 80s and 90s I did a lot of airbrush painting on cars, trucks, motorcycles, clothing and canvases. When I discovered this amazing tool it was an amazing revelation for my creative process, as I was able to create shadowed and 3-D images in a shorter period of time than I could with regular paint brushes.
This mask project was for the son of Terminator stuntman Peter Kent who gifted it to his goaltender son for ice hockey.
I didn’t get too carried away with the stencil cutting because I wanted to used my fine paint brushes for all the detailing.
It was a very toxic project that had to be very done with respect to my health by using a well ventilated and filtered workspace and a very expensive breathing mask that I should’ve been wearing during Covid to better protect me from all the BS and fear porn.

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