Store up your treasures in Heaven...for where your treasure is,there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:20


"I rarely work on wood carvings now, some commission orders here and there, the illustration schedule keeps me fairly busy now days. I also needed a long rest after carving the two 15ft. totems in Hong Kong, very grueling schedule."
"Olympic paddle was a very special project which started with the transport of my Ravensong Canoe to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver BC. My canoe was used by Aboriginal Tourism for a Cultural display, located on the 3rd floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel. She was portaged up two escalators to it`s temporary display area.
I started the paddle designing as a demonstration of the traditional decorating process of a traditional Tsimshian paddle, in preparation for an ocean journey, and with the sharp point, ready for battle, after paddling coastal waters in a war canoe.
Orca Eagle Panel was a 15 year project, which I started as a project for a show in L.A. but didnt finish on time. I put it away and never got to finishing it until last May 2012. I included two beautiful creatures that are worth protecting and SAVING, along with the rest of our west coast creatures that will be affected by oil spills and other environmental tragedies.
   Always follow your heart and remember to stand up for the future of Mother Earth."   BH

SAME LONGHOUSE as a painting, viewed from the beach at Lax Kw`alaams (Port Simpson) with Rose Island to the right.

Giclee and Paper limited edition prints available in two sizes or as any size murals for walls at home, school or office and buildings.

Contact info: billhelin@shaw.ca




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