Store up your treasures in Heaven...for where your treasure is,there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:20


"I have been creating Love Rings for special clients since 1980, and I have to say, it has been the most rewarding creative journey of my art career."              Bill Helin




 '2010 OLYMPIC RAVENSONG PADDLE'  Created for the Aboriginal Tourism Klahowya Village display at the Pan Pacific Hotel on the waterfront in Vancouver, where Bill Helin/ Welaaxum Yout, and 15 friends, portaged my 40' Ravensong Canoe up the escallators to the 3rd floor lounge in the hotel.

Bill designed and painted a Raven and a Spirit Bear on the paddle to reflect his Tsimshian heritage, through one of his tribes ancient legends, that speaks of the Raven who created the Spirit Bear as a gift to mother Earth, as a symbol of Peace, Love and Harmony.
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SAME LONGHOUSE as a painting, viewed from the beach at Lax Kw`alaams (Port Simpson) with Rose Island to the right.

Giclee and Paper limited edition prints available in two sizes or as any size murals for walls at home, school or office and buildings.

$550 & $1100. Only 50 copies per addition



To discuss a door, totem or any other sculpture project you can contact Mr. Helin at: billhelin@shaw.ca or by his cell : 250-240-1007





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